Finding your clothes dryer is malfunctioning is beyond disturbing, especially when you have a washer full of wet clothing. Although you may be tempted to self-diagnose the problem, hiring a professional repair company is the safest and fastest way to get your dryer serviced. If your appliance is undergoing any of the symptoms listed here, our well-trained specialists can get it back up and running like before. 

The Dryer Will Not Start

Finding out that your dryer is not working correctly doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase a new appliance. Often, a blown-out thermal fuse can be the reason your dryer is no longer functioning. A thermal fuse is a safety equipment that saves your appliance from overheating. If the fuse has blown, a well-trained dryer repair technician will need to inspect your appliance to find out why this failure has occurred, before replacing the fuse. In addition to a blown thermal fuse, there are quite a few other problems that can pause your dryer from working, such as a faulty start switch or a defective door switch. Enlisting a professional repair specialist to diagnose the breakage is the best way to determine where the issue lies.

Dryer Drum Is Not Spinning

A non-spinning drum can be triggered by a number of breakages. One of the common reason is a broken drive belt. The drive belt is a long, thin belt that wraps around the drum and other involved parts of the appliance. As your dryer ages, the belt becomes threadbare and may eventually crash. Unfortunately, this is not the only fault that can stop the rotation of the dryer drum. Exhausted drum rollers or drum bearings can also affect the drum’s ability to turn on. A defective drive motor is another culprit that can halt the drum’s movement. Contacting a dryer repair service provider will help you find the reasons why your dryer drum is malfunctioning.

If your dryer is not working correctly, please contact us today so one of our highly trained appliance repair professionals can diagnose and fix the problem for you.

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