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Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair Center is a Licensed AC Repair, Air Conditioning Installation  Company Serving Austin, Texas

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Heating & Furnace Repair

When you need Heater Repair, Furnace Repair, Heating System Repairs and More call AC Repair Center. 

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HVAC Installation

AC Repair Center offers the Best Labor and Product Warranties Top Brands like American Standard and Lennox.

AC Repair Austin TX

When your AC in Austin fails, we at AC Repair Center will be there to restore the AC in your home or office. Our Austin AC professionals are available on short notice for any AC problems you may face. AC Repair Center licensed and experienced technicians work for almost every brands of air conditioning units. If a new system or unit is required, we will recommend you some options for replacement. AC Repair Center has 24-hour AC repair professionals to resolve your air conditioning issues. Call us at AC Repair Center now to get your AC repaired.

Austin Heater Repair

Need heating system installation, repair, or maintenance in Austin, TX? Our focus is always on customer service and getting the job right the first time. AC Repair Center’s Austin heater technicians offer heater repair on all makes and models of electric and gas heating systems.

Getting your home’s heating system professionally serviced every year will keep it running smoothly and help keep heating costs under control. We offer a heating system tune-up. Ask one of our AC Repair Austin TX employees about this special offer today.

Here are some of the air conditioning services our certified HVAC technicians offer:

HVAC Tune-Up

The Texas weather can make your AC system work very tough. Getting seasonal maintenance can increase your AC system’s life and make sure it doesn’t break down when it needed. Summer can be a hectic time for AC service providers. You don’t want to be waiting days longer before someone can come out to repair your Air Conditioner. You can anticipate many issues by getting seasonal AC tune-ups. Tune-ups can help your system run near its factory performance. Doing yearly tune-ups can save you thousands of dollars on repair services.

24 Hour AC Repair in Austin TX area

In Texas, your air conditioning system works continually, mostly in the summer and many other times during the year. Sadly, whenever these units work severe, they could stop working. You’re going to need to fix this issue as instantly as possible for you and your family’s convenience. But you should call a competent company which doesn’t cause more problems but fixes the problems. Air Conditioner system experience an extensive range of different problems. You’ll need someone trained to solve the problem with your unit. If your AC unit requires repairs, you should get a certified and licensed specialist to check it. Call AC Repair Center to fix the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Air Conditioning Replacement

When your AC system faces problems, you have to choose between repairs and replacement. Energy Star advises upgrading your unit if it is ten years old or more. But, other things could lead you to replace your unit. If your unit breaks down frequently, then you should get a licensed technician to see what your options are. If your unit struggles to keep the house cool and it’s leading to high bills on electricity, then it could be time for an upgrade. Any time when you face expensive repairs, you should consider if replacing will be a better option. AC Repair Center`s certified and experienced professionals diagnose your AC system to find the best beneficial option for you.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Homeowners forget about their air ducts. It can lead them to become very messy and significantly reduces the indoor air condition. Your air ducts can get filled with mold and fungi. All of that junk prevents the air from flowing freely in the ventilation channels. That makes your ventilation system work heavier, and if it is working heavier, it will increase the monthly bills. Careful cleaning can lead to you saving a lot of money in the long-run. Cleaning the air ducts in your house brings many profits for you and your family, such as savings on your monthly bill and improving the indoor air quality. It would help if you had a licensed HVAC company do this process for you.

Air Duct Installation & Replacement

It’s hard for homeowners to decide whether they should clean or replace their air ducts. Cleaning is often enough, but sometimes you’ll need to get your air ducts replaced to adjust all your problems. Your worn air ducts could have permanent damage that prevents your ventilation system from working at full performance. If your AC system is working harder than it requires, it will lead to higher bills every month. You need to replace your air ducts if they have been struck by mold. Sometimes you can eliminate mold from metal ducts, but for the plastic ducts, it is going to be harder to remove, so you need a replacement. You should also replace your air ducts if your house is over 50 years old or have any extensive damage that can’t be fixed. Installing air ducts is not a DIY type of job. Contact a trustworthy and licensed HVAC company to install them for you.

AC Repair Center's Air Conditioning Tune-Up / AC Tune-Up Specialists in Austin

On regular, a central AC system can run about 3,300 hours per year. That sums up to a lot of wear and tear – the equivalent of driving a car 214,000 miles.

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