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It’s easy to lose your chill when your air conditioner isn’t working correctly. Our expert technicians at AC Repair Center can immediately diagnose your problem and fix it. We also provide Residential Appliance RepairAir Conditioning Repair, Heating/Furnace repair services, maintain your system and even handle your HVAC installation and replacement. Our AC repair trucks are full of stocked and genuine AC parts. Our highly trained professionals and installation technicians can fix or install an HVAC system right on the first call. Whether you need AC repair work for a single unit or multiple units, you’ll get speedy, high-quality service that you can count on. Our reliable services are the main reason so many consider us to be the best AC service provider in the whole Austin area! Call us now at 512-595-9222 to schedule services today.


Sometimes, when we go into a home, we find more than one problem with a condenser and the AC system as a whole.

If your AC system hits ten years old or more, and if we find many issues, we recommend replacing your unit. And although replacing the whole AC system can be expensive, it’s often worth the long term.
Consider this: there are a lot of components in your AC system. If we replace several areas, a coil, and resize a duct, you still have parts in your system that probably fail soon. Often, the cost of some replacements adds to a notable amount of cash you could have put toward a new system. There are also some cost-advantages to owning a brand new AC system that includes energy performance and energy-saving. When we discover more than three notable problems in the system, and especially if you have a system that runs R-22, we suggest an AC replacement.

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If your AC has stopped running on a hot summer day, you might need it repaired right on. The temperature can hit the 90s or higher in a home that isn’t air-conditioned. If you’re in a cooler season, you might be able to wait for a little longer. Although, you might notice the instant hit to the moisture levels in your house, even in a milder temperature. Living without an AC for too long could lead to moisture problems and mold growth.


A new central HVAC unit can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home. If you’re installing central air in a house, apartment or office that doesn’t have the proper ductwork, you’ll need to add the price of duct installation.

When you’re replacing an existing unit, you usually won’t need to mess with the ducts. You may need ductwork if you’re upgrading to a larger unit, though. An older house may also benefit from having ductwork done. Newer ducts are better insulated and more efficient. You might find that your AC works better and your power bills go down when you replace your ducts.

You may need to upgrade your circuit breaker panel when you’re replacing your air conditioner. An older panel may not be able to handle the demand of the newer HVAC system.

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