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Need heating or AC services in Austin? Your comfort is safe with AC Repair Center company! Backed by more than four decades of experience, our courteous and reliable technicians have served as a trusted choice for homeowners throughout the community. Whether it’s time for an annual tune-up, routine inspection, or even an upgrade, our team is committed to fulfilling your household’s desired level of comfort and safety. By delivering premium-quality workmanship and five-star customer care, we make beating the Texas heat in the summer and staying cozy in the winter possible!

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Our qualified technicians at AC Repair Center diagnose the issues with your AC unit and perform repairs. We also perform residential appliance repair, Air Conditioning RepairHeating/Furnace repair services, Maintain your AC system, and even handle your HVAC Installation and Replacement. Our technicians carry the essential parts in their trucks for fast assistance. They will repair or install a central AC system right the first visit. We repair both single units and multiple units. Our reliable services are the main reason why such a large amount of contemplating the United States is the most effective AC repair company in the Austin area. To make an appointment, please call at 512-595-9222 or schedule it online.

Hints that Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

Is cool air not flowing out of your air register even though you set your thermostat to cold? Do you notice that a few rooms in your house are heating or cooling slower than other rooms? Did you notice a jump in your monthly bills? Watermarks on your ceiling? Or maybe that your AC system has stopped running at all?

If you find any of these signs, you should contact an AC service provider ASAP. Every element of your AC system is united, so one malfunctioning part could direct to further damage if it’s not treated in time. 

Basic Operation of an Air Conditioning System

Before we get into the different ac services and replacements that AC Repair Center offers, it’s important to understand the basic operating principles of your AC system. There are two types of systems: electric and natural gas. Electric AC systems use an air handler to blow air through your home while natural gas systems use a furnace. Both furnaces and air handlers are typically located in the attic.

Cooling Cycle

The outdoor unit is called a condenser. Inside the condenser are a compressor, a condenser coil, and a big fan. The compressor draws cool refrigerant to an evaporator coil placed either in the air handler or just outside the heater. The evaporator coil becomes cold so that when the blower or heater pushes warm air past it, the air gets cooled. This cold air is then spread throughout your home by a set of air ducts. Heat is received by the evaporator coil, which heats the refrigerant moving through the coils. This warm refrigerant is then drawn back outside to the condenser coil, where a giant fan cools it off, allowing the hot air to leave. This cycle is repeated until your thermostat detects that your home has reached the temperature you set it to.

Heating Cycle

In electric systems, the air handler includes an electric heater that uses electricity to generate heat. A blower inside the air handler then blows air behind the heater to circulate heated air through air ducts and into your house.

In natural gas systems, the electric heater is replaced by a furnace. The furnace’s pilot light or electronic ignition flames the burner inside the combustion camera, producing heat in the furnace’s exchanger. The exchanger is a metal camera that gets warm and heats up air as the air flows behind it and into your house`s ductwork.

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