Here we have mentioned how to clean the dirtiest areas of your range to ensure that it is spotless and germ-free. 

The Handle

Think of the times how often you open and closed your range in an ordinary week. Now ask yourself if your hands were tidy every time you touched the handle. Most likely, you opened the oven while cooking, so you most likely had food on hand. Unfortunately, these tracks of food can encourage the growth of bacteria and germs. Door handles tend to contain more germs than other surfaces, and if they are not properly washed, you can get colonies of bacteria. So, make sure to clean off your oven handle after every use to prevent spreading germs throughout the kitchen.

The Racks

Your range racks are exposed to intense heat, but this doesn’t mean they are sanitized. Your racks will most likely be covered in baked food leftovers that will require some care and attention to remove. At least every month leave the racks in hot soapy water for 30 minutes and then wash them up. If your sink isn’t big enough to hold your racks, you can use a bucket or container instead. 

You will be able to clean any dirt with a cloth when the racks are soaked. If there are some obstinate spots, you don’t need to resort to hard chemicals. Use baking soda and water to make a paste to eliminate any remaining dirt.

The Grates

As your oven, grates on the gas stove in need of some care and attention to avoid bacteria’s growth. Simply lifting the grates and wiping under them won’t fix the problem; you need thoroughly clean them, removing any caked dirt and grime. Luckily, you can wash them the same way you do for the oven racks. Leave the grates on the hot soapy water to loosen any debris, the wash. Just make sure to dry them completely before reassembling them back to your cooktop.


The Floor

While you are attentive on keeping your kitchen floor spotless, have you ever looked under the range? Even if you are very concerned as you cook, still crumbs and other debris are likely to accumulate under your range. You either use a thin duster that can be fit underneath the range or pull the range out to clean under it. 

If you give your range a good cleaning regularly and is still not operating correctly, consider calling a professional appliance repair company. An experienced technician can evaluate your range to check for damaged or worn components that may compromise efficiency, performance, and safety.

This will give you to have complete confidence that your range can continue to cook for many years to come. 

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