Have you ever seen your washing machine stopped running in the middle of the washing cycle? Besides a faulty washing machine, there are other problems your washing machine can come across. In addition to a defective washer, there are other problems that your washing machine may encounter. Here are some common mistakes to avoid doing on your washing machine.

Overloading Your Washer

This is the most notable and the most common mistake we commit all the time. In a rush to wash a bunch of clothes together, we end up overloading our washing machine. When overloaded, your washing machine unavoidably pays the price. We need to understand that the washing machine is built to handle a specific weight of clothing and water. It will only work at its best when used according to its capabilities. Pushing the washer too far won’t solve anything, as the clothes won’t come out clean and will need to be washed again. Additionally, overloading the washer will certainly reduce its lifespan. 

In addition, overloading the machine will certainly mean a reduced lifespan of the machine. 


Not Keeping The Washing Machine On Proper Level

This problem often happens to many customers who forget to place their washers on even horizontal surfaces at the time of installation. 

The newest washing machine comes with a level indicator that detects whether it is on a perfect surface or not. If you ignore this matter, it will lead to functioning issues. You will notice such problems while drying your clothing. The tub may make some sounds, or the machine will heavily vibrate. Such vibrations gradually damage the motor or even create a permanent distortion. 

To avoid all these results, and maintain your washer, set the machine on a proper level, check the level indicator, and only then start to use it. Keep in mind that you can call AC Repair Center experts 24/7 to deal with your broken washing machine.

Ignoring The Tags

It may be the most highly advanced washing machine available in the market, but it still cannot read the cloth tags. The tags attached to your clothing like sweaters, shirts, pants, etc, indicate the right conditions and settings for complete cleaning. Washing your clothes, according to the tags, will not ruin your them. The right way to take care of this is to put the same types of clothes together. Do not put heavy kinds of cotton or towels and tops in the same wash. Another thing you should avoid is to put dark in colors, particularly the ones that run color, with the light material. 

Using wrong settings

This is another common washing machine mistake that should be avoided, but that many people make it. You should read the operating instructions carefully Before using the machine. This will help you understand the settings correctly. Options such as rinsing and washing cycles can be challenging to understand. Using the wrong settings will not damage your washer, but you may end up washing clothes incorrectly or even ruin them. Contact AC Repair Center experts if you have any doubts over the settings.

If you have any trouble with your washing machine, hire a washing machine repair service at AC Repair Center.

Using Too Much Detergent

The more, the better, the logic doesn’t necessarily apply to the amount of detergent you use in your washer.

Putting too much makes your clothes sudsy and rough, and they will lose their shape as well. Besides, excessive detergent use is harmful to your washer, as it will eventually remove the protective coating from the washing tub and internal components. This will ultimately lead to malfunctions. If you ever encounter such a situation, you can always book washing machine repair service on AC Repair Center!


Leaving Your Clothes After The Washing

Filling your clothing in the washer is good, but leaving them inside after the washing cycle is done, is not very good. Leaving your wet clothes in the washer seems harmless, but it is harmful to the washing machine. Wet clothes and moisture in the bath create an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. The disgusting smell is a bonus. Immediately after washing, take out your clothes and leave the door open for 15-20 minutes so that the moisture is absorbed. Also, wipe the inside with a thick towel so that any water present is soaked in the towel.

Don’t Forget Cleaning Dispensers 

Servicing a washing machine is a basic task. Fully automatic machines are usually supplied with two or three trays or dispensers for detergents, softeners, and detergent storage. Some people forgot to wash their trays commonly. Since two of these trays (for detergents and softeners) are always in touch with water, not regularly cleaning them can create dirty and gluey layers for propagating bacteria or even algae. This can cause health problems, as the washer will continue to move water through the bacteria in the trays and into the washtub.

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