Whether it is a built-in cooktop, stovetop, or a range, they are vitally necessary appliances. Without a functioning stove, it won’t be easy to cook anything from a gourmet feast to grilled cheese. But, many stovetop issues are resolvable with little care. 

Here we’ve shared some of the main issues with a stovetop and how to resolve them.

The Gas Burners Won’t Light

If the flame doesn’t light on the burners, it could be due to many issues. You will need to pay attention to what happens when you try to light the burner to determine the main problem. When the burner is working properly, you should hear a clicking noise and a smell of gas from the valves. If you hear the clicking, but there is no smell of gas, apparently there is a gas flow problem. If you can smell gas, but no sound of clicking, meaning there is a problem with your ignition switch. 

Turn off the power supply before you start removing the grate and burner cap. Clean any food debris and reconnect loose wires. 

If the problem is not solved, you will need help from an appliance repair specialist, as you might need a new igniter.


The Electric Burner Isn’t Heating

If you have an electric burner that is not heating correctly, start by testing other burners. If there several non-working burners, it is probably related to an electrical problem, so you should call in a professional. If there is only one non-working coil, you’ll need to make sure that the coil is tightly plugged into your cooktop and check the connections. It is also worth swapping the non-working coil’s spot with the working coil. If the other coil works in the non-working spot, the problem is the coils itself, and you or your appliance repair tech will need to change it.

Slow Heating Gas Burner

When your cooktop heats slowly, despite the heat source, it can be due to many problems. If it is gas-powered, due to clogged burner openings, it could be slow at Heating. An accumulation of debris makes the flames weak with the constricted gas flow. This can be solved with a good clean. 

Make sure the cooktop isn’t receiving any power, or better unplug it so that you could remove the burner grates and caps. Before scrubbing with a stiff brush, soak those in hot water and soap. Also, take your time cleaning the gas valves. And before testing and re-assembling, allow all the sections to dry fully.

Clicking Gas Stovetop

A clicking when turning on your gas stovetop is OK, but if it remains after the burner has flamed or the burner isn’t flaming, it is commonly due to a clogged burner. Make sure that the burner cover has not been moved or that nothing is blocking the opening.

Food particles can become stuck in the grates if your cooktop doesn’t have sealed burners. 

Excessive clicking can also be due to remaining moisture in the cooktop, so try drying the surface to soak up any additional water that might have spilled.

There are many problems that can compromise the functionality of your stove.

For help with any appliance problem, be sure to contact AC Repair Center, to speak to a repair specialist about your situation. 


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