Washers, regardless of the manufacturer, are designed with a specific lifespan period. But you can extend this period through well maintenance services. Not every appliance comes with excellent development.
Every home appliance needs some servicing on a regular basis. Without a doubt, some of these service’s expenses are relatively easy, so you can service in it on your own, not calling for pros. But, when it comes to replacing some parts, you definitely need professional help.
Here are some washer issues with solutions for keeping your washer in proper condition so that you don’t need to call for service companies.

Bad Odor From The Washer

When you smell some terrible smell from your washing machine, when the machine is doing its cleaning job well, it indicates that the door gasket or inside of the washing machine is generally dirty, or the water supply has a problem. 

Solution: The solution for a stinky washer is in your kitchen. Connect the hot water. Add 1/2 cup baking soda and white vinegar about 2 cups to the water to remove the smell. Start the machine and let the mixture clean the machine. This should cleanse the washer and keeps it odorless.

Problems With Motor And Motor Coupler

One of the issues which we often encounter people calling us, is the faulty motor. If this is your case, the only choice is to change the motor, as the it cannot be repaired. It’s due to heavy work of the washer. This leads to overheating, and burns out the motor. 

The other cause why the motor doesn’t work is the bad coupler. It the part which connect the motor to the transmission of the washer. As most of the couplers are made of plastic, they can easily break. 

Solution: If your washer shuts off during the cycle and works again, it’s probably due to overheated motor. Keep it turned off for a while so it could cool down, this should solve the issue. But if the motor connector is broken, the only way is to call professionals to replace it, otherwise it can damage the motor. 

Water Circulation Problems

In washing machines, the water pump plays an important role draining and circulating the water. And again, it’s made of plastic, and prone to break down with ease. And this causes the washer to leak. Also, the defective seal can lead to leakage problems.

Solution: To solve this issue start by replacing the water pumps. And this can be done appropriately by calling a professional. But if the problem relates to the seal of the pipe, you can take care of it by using water pipe leak repair products.

Washing Machine Is Trembling

If the washing machine starts trambling when you use it, it can create a staggering noise, and won’t clean the clothes correctly. If the motor suddenly starts pounding, the machine may also not be adjusted.

Solution: To fix the trembling of the washer, you have to rotate the machine’s leg for lowering and lifting each corner until it’s level. Shaking the machine can also take place when the balance of the washer is not accurate. To balance it, open the machine’s lid to rearrange your load of clothes properly to each side. This should give the right balance to the washer. 

Finally, because of the loose drum, the washer will shake. 

In this case, you would definitely need a professional hand. Texas homeowners can check out AC Repair Center to schedule an appointment for the necessary repair of your appliances.

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