Main Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines have many components that need to work unitedly and accurately for the clothes to get cleaned and get as dry as possible before you put them into the dryer. Washing machines need to be able to soak the clothes, stir them up to remove as much dirt as possible, then dry them. Here are the most common washing machine issues.

  • Washer Won’t Spin – The common reason why the washing machine is not spinning is because of the nonworking lid switch assembly. The washer will not spin if the lid switch (for safety reasons) does not lock. Changing the switch will usually solve the problem.
  • Washer Won’t Drain – Clogged drain pump can cause the washer to stop draining correctly. Cleansing the drain pump or changing if needed, will usually solve the problem.
  • Washer Overflows – Overflowing washer is usually due to nonworking the pressure switch or the water inlet valve. These two can be diagnosed and repaired to prevent the washing machine from overflowing again. 

Washing machines are not the most tricky household appliances; an experienced technician can easily find out what is wrong and repair it on the first call. Our qualified technicians at AC Repair Center can put your faulty washing machine back on its track in no time, so the homeowner won’t have to go long without keeping their clothes clean.

Main Dryer Problems

Currently, dryers are part of the essential appliances for life. Since homeowners don’t want to hang out the clothes outside to dry, they highly unwilling to see their dryer is not working. Here are some most common dryer problems you may face.

  • Clothes Cannot Get Dry in One Load – This happens to dryers often, and the main problem is the clogged vent. Evading to fix this can not only lead to waterly clothes but also cause a fire. It would help if you cleaned the vent at least each year, and the lint trap should be cleaned after every cycle.
  • Dryer Is Not Turning On – This is usually because of the dryer is not getting any power. It also could be a blown fuse or a dryer’s bad starting switch. The dryer’s starting switch must be left for inspection by a service technician to avoid causing further damage.
  • Dryer Drum Is Not Spinning – When the dryer is turned on and heats up, but the drum refuses to rotate, it is most likely a belt break. A service technician can check and fix that, making sure the problem is solved.

Any problem with your dryer or washer can easily be diagnosed and repaired by a trained specialist. Keeping the lint trap clean would be enough for you to take care of. As for the other more complicated issues, you should contact professionals to handle. This way, you will keep your dryer in great shape for a long time, and you won’t be looking for another way to dry your clothes.

Difficulties With Your Laundry Appliance

When you have difficulties with your laundry appliance, that doesn’t mean you need to start saving for the new one or start loading your car to take to a laundromat. Instead, you can have your washer or dryer back to work as quickly as possible by contacting AC Repair Center. Our technician thoroughly inspects your appliance lets you know what’s wrong with it, and then performs repairs. 

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