Dirty Air Filters and How To Clean Them

Air Conditioners are quite a complicated appliance in your home and required proper and regular maintenance. Its systems needed more technical support than any other electrician household appliances. Almost every part of an air conditioner system is essential, which it’s crucial to maintain the system overall.

In most cases, the cause of a sudden malfunction of the air conditioner is the negligence of the user, and in this case, you may even have to hire the services of an air conditioner repair center. In this article, we explain the significance of air conditioner filters and how to maintain them.

Primary Function of Air Filters

The conditioned air passed by the air filter before entering your room. The filter prevents dust particles and other detrimental allergens from getting to your home’s atmosphere. Shortly, this is the only function of air filters. Based on this, the filters become dirty after a while, so you should clean or replace them regularly.

How to Clean The Filters

You can use a regular brush carefully to clean the debris and dirt off filters. Replace the filters if you were using them for more than 4 to 5 months as they become extremely dirty. With the necessary knowledge, you should easily replace AC filters as it’s not the simplest task. 

Let’s talk about the problems caused by dirty filters, which can force you to call an air conditioner repair specialist.

  • Higher power consumption is one of the most common Air Conditioner problems and usually is caused by blocked air filters. If you don’t clean the filters regularly, you will have to pay high electricity bills. 
  • It takes longer to provide the required temperature with dirty filters and makes your indoor temperature unbalanced.
  • It also makes your AC work longer than usual, which might result in an unexpected breakdown.