Which one comes out on top in the fight against loads of dirty laundry – a top-load vs front-load washing machine? If you ask around, you may face that some people with strong beliefs will try to steer you in one direction or another.

You might remember that top-loading washing machine ruled the roost when you were growing up, but at the turn of the century, front-loading washing machine took center stage. Then, by the late 2000s, sales of top load and front load washers were divided down the middle. 

Though, 1st generation front loaders were riddled with defects that later models have since addressed. Some homeowners still haven’t forgotten about those issues, so top-loaders keep a market cut of about 75 percent.  

So, in the top-load vs front-load washing machine debate, which one is the champ? We’ll here break down the cons and pros to help you make the best choice for your laundry room. 

Cons and Pros of Front Load Washers

Considering a modern, HE front loader? Here’s the reason so many people love this style:

  • The absence of an agitator makes the front washers soft on clothing.
  • Front-end loaders consistently surpass top loaders in cleaning tests.
  • Faster spin cycles make clothes 10 percent drier on average, which increases the efficiency of your clothes dryer.
  • Many washer brands can be stackable, making them comfortable to live in.
  • Without a top-loading lid to hinder you, you can install the washer under a tabletop or low shelf.

Front-load washers also have some disadvantages:

  • You need to bend down to unload your washer.
  • The airtight door attracts mold growth. Keeping the door open between laundries helps to prevent this matter.
  • The control panel on the front attracts kids to press keys and change settings. Control locks on some models allow you to avoid this drawback.

Pros and Cons of Top-Load Washing Machines

Maybe you’re considering sticking with a traditional top-loader. Here’s how you’ll profit if you do:

  • They’re simple to use because this is the washer design you grew up with.
  • Mold growth is uncommon in the tub because the lid isn’t sealed.
  • On average, the purchase cost is lower, providing great value to homeowners on funds.

Still, top-load washers aren’t ideal. Here are some of their weaknesses:

  • Models with an agitator can be rough on clothes.
  • Models with no agitator can be picky about how you pack them, rinsing clothes over and over in an effort to balance things.
  • Generally, cycles take longer, need more water, and spend more energy.

Making Your Final Choice

The correct type for you is the one that best suits your needs and preferences, such as your initial budget, how and where you want to install your washing machines, and the types of clothing you wear. Both types have seen great innovation in recent years with changes that reflect what consumers are consuming.

Schedule Washing Machine Repair

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