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Frigidaire is changing the way people cook and live at home. From refrigerators to ovens to air conditioners, the brand is known for its dependability and inventiveness. In 1916, the business was credited with developing the first self-contained refrigerator. In the early 1900s, Americans referred to any refrigerator as a ‘Frigidaire,’ since Frigidaire was so well-known for consumer-grade stand-alone refrigerators.

Experts believe Frigidaire was the inspiration for the modern English term refrigerator. The refrigerator, however, was not the company’s only groundbreaking innovation. According to reports, Frigidaire was the first to develop a room air conditioner, a consumer-grade food freezer, and a 30-inch electric range. We are there to help you with all problems that you have with the Frigidaire appliance. Connect with us now for Frigidaire appliance repair in Austin and surrounding areas.

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