Kenmore Appliance repair in Hutto, texas

Kenmore appliance repair services in Hutto, TX

Kenmore is the best appliance brand

For over 50 years, Kenmore has been the top choice for kitchen appliances in the US market. The brand’s reliability and trustworthiness have made it a household name. When it comes to your appliance repair needs, choosing Kenmore means staying ahead of the competition. Kenmore makes refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, ranges, and cooktops for home appliances. With the popularity of the Kenmore brand name, there are many Kenmore appliance repair services in almost every corner, and it’s hard to pick the right company to perform maintenance or do any repairs with any appliance when it fails.

The best Kenmore appliance repair in Hutto

We at AC Repair Center have no match when it comes to repairing and fixing Kenmore appliances. Our service is superb, fast, and very competitive. Our techs are trained and carry the most common Kenmore OEM parts in their service vehicles. A broken refrigerator is very inconvenient in hot Texas summer days. Our Kenmore repair technicians will diagnose and repair any Kenmore refrigerator on the same day. For the fancy and more luxurious Kenmore Elite, when it suddenly stops cooling, we can replace and repair the linear compressor quickly. Call us today for any Kenmore appliance repair in Hutto, and one of our friendly representatives can help you.

Kenmore refrigerator repair

Kenmore refrigerators last on average for over 20 years. During these 20 years, any internal refrigerator part might fail, and there is no guarantee that the refrigerator will work without maintenance or repair. We at AC Repair Center service homeowners in Hutto with any Kenmore refrigerator repair needs and can perform any type of repairs if needed. Our most common repairs for the Kenmore refrigerators are :

  1. Kenmore Elite compressor replacement. When a Kenmore Elite refrigerator suddenly stops cooling, there is a high chance this issue is related to a sealed system. The sealed system has an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, a UV filter dryer, and a compressor. To perform any repairs related to freon, the technician must have special skills and training. We at AC Repair Center have all the licenses and insurance for any Kenmore Elite refrigerator repair in Hutto TX.
  2. The refrigerator is leaking water at the bottom. Water leak mostly is related to a blocked drain. Our service team has special steamers and drain cleaning tools to safely remove the blockage from the refrigerator drain and restore the fridge to its original condition.
  3. The freezer section has a frost build-up on the rear panel. When too much frost blocks the airflow in the freezer evaporator section, the freezer side will get warmer than it should be, and the fresh food section will completely get warm. The whole cycle is called the defrost cycle, and it involves the defrost bimetal, the defrost heater, and the defrost timer or control board in the newer model. Our techs can quickly identify a faulty part and repair the fridge at the same time as the repair visit.

Kenmore washing machine repair

We offer top-load and front-load Kenmore washing machine repairs in Hutto. Commonly replaced parts in any Kenmore washers are the following:

  • The drain pump.
  • The lid switch.
  • The main motor.
  • The door seal or door gasket.
  • The suspension rods.
  • The rear outer tub bearing.
  • The soap dispenser assembly.
  • The water valves.

Our repair techs are quick to determine any issues with the Kenmore washing machines and fix them when at the property near the washer. Call us today for any Kenmore washing machine repair in Hutto, and we will send our appliance repair team to help.

Kenmore dryer repair

Kenmore dryers are among the most repaired appliances that our techs work with. Our techs carry the most commonly replaced parts for Kenmore dryers. The most common Kenmore dryer problems are the following;

  1. The dryer does not heat.
  2. The dryer makes a noise.
  3. The dryer takes a long time to dry clothes.
  4. The dryer does not respond at all.
  5. The dryer does not start.

We offer Kenmore appliance repair in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Hutto, Cedar Park, Leander, and more.

Our Kenmore appliance repairs

  • Kenmore refrigerator repair
  • Kenmore dishwasher repair
  • Kenmore stove ranges repair
  • Kenmore washing machine repair
  • Kenmore dryer repair
The most reliable, fast, and affordable Kenmore appliance repair in Hutto, Texas. Call AC Repair Center for the most qualified, fast, and reasonably-priced repair services now.

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