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The dryer in the laundry works in tandem with your washing machine to provide you with the ease that makes contemporary life possible. Kenmore dryers are incredibly dependable, but a problem may arise from time to time, particularly because they are such hardworking machines. If you have a problem with your dryer, AC Repair Center dryer repair technicians are just a phone call away. You can simply contact us, and we will be able to come to your doorstep and offer the assistance you need. When you are looking for Kenmore dryer repair, you should always go ahead with a specialist team. Then you can expect to receive a top-notch service that matches your preferences. That’s where we can help. AC Repair Center team has the knowledge and expertise to help you with repairing your malfunctioning Kenmore dryer.

If you are having problems with your Kenmore dryer, you should contact a specialist for Kenmore dryer repair. That’s where we can help. You will not be able to find a better services provider for Kenmore dryer repair in Austin than us.

Typical Kenmore dryer issues and services we provide:

Your Kenmore dryer is overheating – A dryer that begins to overheat might endanger you and your house, therefore it’s an issue that should be treated by a professional as soon as possible. A malfunctioning thermostat, congested vents, or problems with the heat exchanger might be the source of this sort of problem.

Your Kenmore dryer is not spinning – In this case, the culprit is most likely the dryer’s motor or one of its connected components. If the motor is working normally but the drum is not spinning, the issue is most likely a damaged belt, a defective roller, or a malfunctioning idler pulley. A professional should be able to get it all back up and running. Getting the services of our Kenmore dryer repair in Austin team is not so difficult., You can contact us and let us know about your need. Then we will schedule an appointment and help you with the repair.

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact AC Repair Center for Kenmore dryer repair. We have the knowledge to handle any of your ‘dryer overheating’ issues.

  • Bearing replacement
  • Belt tension pulley/ idler replacement
  • Blower wheel replacement
  • Circuit/ control board replacement
  • Control panel/ touchpad replacement
  • Door switch replacement
  • Drive belt replacement
  • Drive motor replacement
  • Drum replacement
  • Drum slide, glide, or pad replacement
  • Felt seal replacement
  • Flame sensor replacement
  • Gas valve replacement
  • Gas valve solenoid replacement
  • Heating element replacement
  • High limit thermostat replacement
  • Igniter replacement
  • Moisture sensor replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Thermal cut out fuse replacement
  • Thermistor replacement
  • Timer replacement
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