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Without the washing machine, our lives would be drastically different. This really handy gadget saves us all those hours we would have spent doing our laundry manually. You shouldn’t have to be without your services for long. Allow our washer maintenance and repair professionals to come in and take care of any issues you may be having with your machine.

If your GE washing machine stops working all of a sudden, you will not come across the need to do your laundry. This will make you spend money unnecessarily on getting laundry services. Instead of wasting your money and going through frustration, you can contact us. We specialize in offering GE washing machine repair services in the Round Rock area and nearby cities of TX.

Typical GE washing machine issues and services we provide:

Fixing problems with drum agitation – To remove the dirt out of your clothing and outfits, the drum must rumble/shake; else, your load would come out of the cycle still dripping wet. A faulty solenoid, lid switch, or timer contact is to blame for this issue. Allow the professionals to come in and identify the issue area as well as give a remedy.

Fixing problems with spinning – Your washer drum is intended to spin in order to perform properly, however this feature might fail due to a variety of issues. Proper spinning may be prevented by a failed agitator component, misaligned transmission mode lever, faulty wigwag lifter, or damaged drive spindle. Allow our team to come in and take care of the situation for you.

Our services are just a phone call away from you. If you need special assistance with GE washing machine repair in Round Rock, feel free to go ahead and call us. Then we can schedule the appointment and help you with repairing the malfunctioning washing machine.

  • Bearing replacement
  • Belt tension pulley/ idler replacement
  • Blower wheel replacement
  • Circuit/ control board replacement
  • Control panel/ touchpad replacement
  • Door switch replacement
  • Drive belt replacement
  • Drive motor replacement
  • Drum replacement
  • Drum slide, glide, or pad replacement
  • Felt seal replacement
  • Flame sensor replacement
  • Gas valve replacement
  • Gas valve solenoid replacement
  • Heating element replacement
  • High limit thermostat replacement
  • Igniter replacement
  • Moisture sensor replacement
  • Roller replacement
  • Thermal cut out fuse replacement
  • Thermistor replacement
  • Timer replacement
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