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How To Lower AC Costs When You Stay Indoors

It’s easy to reduce AC costs when you’re not at home by simply regulating your thermostat; however, we have been told to stay indoors right now, because of COVID-19 situation. We don’t want to spend extra money on our air conditioning, but no one wants to spend all their time in a greenhouse. 

Here at AC Repair Center we have a few tips on how to lower your AC costs while you’re stuck at home.

Run Your System More Economically

If you can withstand a higher temperature during the day, set the thermostat to a bit higher temperature at daytime and lower temperature at night. Setting your thermostat to not having the air conditioner continually running could save some 10% on your energy bills. 

Adjusting your thermostat to not having the AC constantly running could save you up to 10% on your bill! Remember: The smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures throughout the season, the less you’ll spend. For example, set your thermostat to 78ºF instead of 72ºF.

Use a Ceiling Fan or Other Circulating Fans

Did you know that using your fan can make you feel six or seven degrees cooler with the wind-cold effect? The fan doesn’t cool the room, it just makes it more comfortable. If you also use an air conditioner, the ceiling fan helps to disperse the cooled air more effectively and allows the thermostat to raise at almost 4 degrees. This means you can keep your air conditioner at a slightly higher temperature using your ceiling fan or circulating fan.

Maintain cooling systems

This will not reduce your cooling costs if you do not take proper care of your equipment. Dirty air conditioner filters prevent the airflow making the unit work harder to cool your house. It will lower an AC’s energy consumption noticeably, if you clean or change the filter once per month.

If you own a central cooling system, make sure that the floor registers are not blocked by dust or furniture. A unit’s condenser and evaporator coils should also be cleaned of dirt and other participants.

If you still have your air conditioning system problems, contact us at AC Repair Center for maintenance services. We would love to help you.

Close Curtains, Blinds And Shades

Whether you have curtains, blinds, or curtains, you will see significant savings if you close them during the day to prevent solar heat from entering your home. When fully closed and lowered on a sunny window, highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by about 45%. Try using light in color shades: the lighter the tone, the more they will reflect the sun’s scorching rays. Hang the curtains as close as possible to the window panes, this will also allow them to block outside heat from radiating inside. If you use this simple method, your home will stay much cooler throughout the day, reducing that air conditioning bill!

We hope that by following these bits of advice, you will be able to cut down on the heavy use of your AC System. As always, we are here for all for your HVAC system needs. If you have questions or need assistance, AC Repair Center is here to help!