how to replace Sub-Zero refrigerator door gaskets

You can thank the Sub-Zero door gasket for most of the vaunted food safety in your refrigerator. The airtight seal blocks heat, moisture, bacteria and gases. Sub-Zero magnetic gaskets are so reliable that products can stay fresh even after a power outage that lasts for several days.

Despite the rarity, Sub-Zero door gaskets can wear out over time, which requires replacement to restore the tightness of the seal.

Order original replacement gaskets and install it yourself

If you have never installed a refrigerator door gasket before, you should know that installing it is not an easy task – it requires skills and a lot of patience. First of all, make sure that you are buying a certified part! If the door gasket is not ideal for your refrigerator, the installation will not only cause more trouble, but may not even solve your problem — a bad fit is a bad seal. Add to this that spare parts and counterfeit parts have been tested and proven to have a shorter service life, and you may find yourself replacing the gasket again sooner than you would like. As a distributor of factory-certified spare parts, we can help you determine the part number of your Sub-Zero door gasket, just call us at AC Repair Center. The installation follows. The gaskets are delivered folded in a flat box, which means that the mating surfaces crumple when unpacking. We use a heat gun to warm up the rubber gasket material so that it relaxes and assumes its original shape and finish (or you can use a hair dryer). If this is done incorrectly or not done at all, it can lead to uneven gasket, which will lead to numerous air leaks. And if the gasket overheats, it will most likely melt, which is even worse. [Note: Improper handling, such as carrying the gasket over anything other than the corners, can also cause the seal to deform. After installing a new gasket, the door hinges will most likely have to be adjusted to allow for the installation of a new softer gasket. Over time, due to the suction action of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, the old gaskets become stiff and shrink, pulling the hinges out of their original position.

Call a professional

If the above sounds complicated and risky, then it is, so Sub-Zero recommends that the replacement of gaskets for any door or drawer should be carried out by a maintenance specialist. Therefore, if you prefer to be safe, make an appointment for online service, write to our office in Austin or surrounding cities (Texas) by email or call us at 512-595-9222, and an AC Repair Center service specialist will come to make sure that your gasket is replaced properly and with a certified Sub-Zero spare part.

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