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Ice Formation On Air Conditioner

It’s not uncommon for your air conditioner to start formatting ice. When frost or ice forms on your air conditioner, it affects the cooling process. Even an air conditioner can stop cooling completely. 

Below are mentioned three common reasons behind the ice formation problem.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters prevent airflow over the evaporator coils or cooling coils. Сonstant flow of air inside your air conditioner keeps the cooling coil’s temperature above the freezing point. This event later causes the moisture in the room to condense on the coil and freeze. The frost formed over the coil further reduces the airflow, and eventually, the air conditioner stops cooling completely. To stop this problem of ice formation on the air conditioner, clean the air filter from time to time.

Insufficient Refrigerant Level

When the level of refrigerant is less than the demanded amount, the temperature of the cooling coil falls below the normal. Then frost starts to build up on air conditioner coils. To solve this issue of ice formation on your air conditioner, call AC Repair Center, so we could accurately determine whether the refrigerant level is standard in the cooling coils.

Faulty Evaporator Fan 

The evaporator fan continually blows air inside the AC unit and maintains the cooling coils’ temperature above the freezing point. This restricts frost formation on coils. But a defective fan allows the temperature of cooling coils to fall much below the freezing point letting room moisture to condense and convert into frost on the coils. Again to solve this issue of ice formation on your air conditioner, contact AC repair professionals