This article mentions 5 Most Maintenance Tips For Washing Machine so that your washer would demand less maintenance over the years and prolong its lifespan.

#1: Keep Your Washer at Level

This one of the most common mistakes homeowners do when installing their washing machine. Unlevel washer creates problems not only for the base of the machine but also for the floor. Washer’s vibration during its running put pressure on the floor, and it may even lead to damage to the tiles and its body after some time. Most models have legs that can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, depending on whether you want to raise it or lower it. Use them well to put the car on a level. This is not exactly Maintenance Tips For Washing Machine but its a common mistake people do not pay attention and most of the times they call appliance repair technician to solve the issue.

#2: Clean the Lint Filter As Often As Possible

It is essential to clean out the lint filter from the previous load when you are doing laundry. If you cannot clean it after each laundry, try at least cleaning it every second load. Clean lint filter can collect lint from newer clothes load better, and help the machine run more efficiently. You should remove the lint and any remaining detergent or fabric softener from the filter, as they reduce its ability to catch lint. Wash the lint filter with clean water.

#3: Overloading The Washer Beyond Its Capacity

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation to run less laundry, put on more clothes, and finish the chores as soon as possible. If your laundry loads often exceed your washer’s capacity, most probably, you will have problems with the washer. So try not to overfill it. When the washer is overfilled, the clothes will not have the space to tumble and get cleaned properly, which is completely the opposite of what you are trying to reach. It is also important to make sure that you do not waste much water by running the appliance at less than half the machine’s load.

#4: Clean The Washer

You might be impressed that your washer auto cleans itself. After all, water flows through it all the time, so there is no chance it gets dirty. But it’s not. Don’t forget about detergent and softener residues, bacteria, food, etc, which collects and affect the efficiency of your washer, as well as the cleanness of your clothes.

Pro Tip: You can run the washer on an empty load adding baking soda, washer cleaner solution, or vinegar to it. The latest models of washers from different brands come with tub hygiene wash cycle, self-clean, etc. These washing cycles are meant to clean the washer and make sure that the soap suds and other debris are removed. In front load washers, make sure cleaning the door with a soft damp cloth, and then leave it open for a while. In semi-automatic washers, for efficient washing, the dryer also plays an important role. Clean it also from time to time. You can also schedule a repair service from AC Repair Center to get your washing machine serviced and repaired.

#5: Periodically wipe the detergent and fabric softener compartments.

Finally the number 5 most maintenance tips for washing machine goes to cleaning detergent section. The detergent drawer is used to measure the amount of detergent for each load of laundry. Over a certain period, residues may accumulate in the drawer, making it difficult for the fresh detergent to reach the washtub. The same issue can come up with the fabric softener section. Eject the drawer for cleaning, or remove any residue by placing some water in it and use a small brush to scrape off the dirt.

Place your washer further in some inches off the wall. Again don’t forget leaving open the door of your washer to prevents the growth of mold or mildew, and so the air could circulate and dry the machine before you use it again. Contact us at AC Repair Center for any washing machine issues; we would be happy to help. For more information about the washer maintenance, please check this link.

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