Have you found out that your dryer won’t start on? There’re a few possible reasons that an electric dryer or gas one won’t turn on. It’s most probably due to a tripped breaker, a defective latch, or a broken switch.

These are uncomplicated issues that can be fixed with some troubleshooting tips right on. You can solve the problem yourself, but to avoid further trouble or if you find it difficult to handle, you should contact a qualified professional to take care of it.

Possible Reasons a Dryer Won’t Start

Here are some most common reasons that a dryer won’t start on.

  • The dryer isn’t plugged in.

Always start by looking for the most straightforward possible problem: the appliance may have been disconnected from the network. It can be unpleasant if you split your whole dryer apart, only to realize it is just unplugged. 

  • The dryer circuit breaker is tripped.

A tripped circuit breaker is the next reason for your dryer not to turn on, and it has a simple solution. Open your electrical panel and find any switches that are not aligned with others. If you found a tripped breaker, reset it and check if the dryer works now. 

  • The thermal fuse is blown.

A heat fuse preserves the dryer from overheating and is usually located on the fan housing behind the back panel. There might be another one on the heating element. If you can remove the thermal fuse (with the dryer turned off), check it with a multimeter. If the fuse does not conduct electric current, it must be replaced. Remember that a clogged ventilation hose, lint trap, and screen are common causes of a blown heat fuse. 

  • The door latch/switch is defective

If the dryer can’t see that the door is closed, the motor won’t work. To check for this problem, you need to unplug the device from the outlet, take off the door switch (from below the top panel), and apply a multimeter on the switch. If you need to diagnose this problem, find the right part, or install a new latch and switch, contact an AC Repair Center.

  • The start switch is broken

When the dryer is disconnected from the mains, remove the start switch, and use a multimeter to check if it has continuity. If not, it must be changed. This is another part of the device that many homeowners prefer to change themselves.

Dryer Won’t Start On, Even After Troubleshooting? Call Us

If you have attempted all of the above troubleshooting methods and your dryer will no longer start, the problem may be related to the motor. You are in good hands with the specialists of the AC Repair Center. Our technicians are friendly professionals with the right qualifications and many years of experience in the field of home appliance repair. Your local AC Repair Center can help your Laundry get back to work. Call us at (512) 595-9222 or schedule a service online. 

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