Finding standing water on the floor of the laundry room and is certainly cause for concern. Fortunately, leaking does not necessarily mean an expensive washing machine repair bill. Many causes of leaks are easy to detect and relatively inexpensive to repair. If you noticed water under or around your washing machine, one of these three common problems may be the culprit:


Washing machines use standard threaded hoses to connect to hot and cold water lines. These generally do not require more than hand-tightening to create a waterproof seal. Over time, the hoses loosen, often as a result of repeated spin cycles and other actions that cause the machine to move or vibrate. If you noticed water around your wash machine, check the connection to the waterline. A slow drip may not be immediately noticeable to the eye but will result in standing water over time.

Broken Rubber Seals

Especially if your machine is more than a few years old, leaking water may be the result of broken, cracked, or dry-rotted seals. Washing machines are designed to be watertight; seals are the first line of defense. Checking the seals on a washing machine can be difficult and may require some disassembly. If you suspect that the leaking water is the result of a failed part, it’s best to contact a qualified technician. This will prevent accidental damage to the machine as well as possibly voiding warranties.

Improper Draining

Some water spillage can be the result of where the water goes following a spin cycle. If the drain hose is not securely fastened to the laundry basin, it is likely to shift, causing water to leave the washing machine and not properly drain where it’s supposed to. It is also possible that the laundry basin is clogged and is not draining properly. Check the drain for debris such as hair or lint that may be restricting the flow of water as it drains.

If you noticed that your washing machine is leaking, hopefully it is because of one of these easy fixes. If it’s not, we can help. Contact us to schedule a service appointment with a technician who can quickly diagnose the problem and repair your machine.

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