If you haven’t changed the water filter of your refrigerator in a few months or a year, and might be wondering when to do it. Maybe your water still tastes good, so you’re wondering if you need to change the filter in the refrigerator at all. Just because the water testes fresh does not mean it is. Many pollutants are tasteless. In this article, we’ve provided three signs that you may need to install a fresh filter.

The water comes out very slowly.

The job of your refrigerator water filter is to remove sediment and other unwanted particles from the water. This helps improve your drinking experience and also protects internal components from damage or degradation. However, the filter will eventually reach its maximum capacity. 

When this time comes, the flow of water often begins to seem much weaker. This is because the filter is just so clogged with the garbage that even water can hardly pass through it. To not let the problem grow worse, please contact a professional to take care of it.  

The water and ice have started to taste weird.

A good filter works to remove more than just sediment from water. It also filters out substances that can give water and ice an “off” flavor. In short words, your taste buds are one of the most reliable tools for detecting when it’s time for a new filter. You might also see that both the water and ice has taken on a somewhat cloudy look.

If you think that your refrigerator’s water filter is ready to be replaced, please do not hesitate to call for an advice at AC Repair Center, and we would be happy to help!

After replacing your fridge filter, make sure to run a gallon of water or two and discard it. This will clean the carbon residue from the filter.  


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