No matter what the source of the smell is, a stinky fridge can put a damper on even the simplest food. If your unit isn’t doing its part to create a delicious aroma, here are a few ways to clean up your fridge.

Start with a Deep Clean

Even if your refrigerator is not the source of smell, regularly deep cleaning will ensure it’ll stay fresh. First, unplug the fridge and remove all the food. Throw out unused, old, or expired drinks and food. 

Then, remove all drawers, shelves, bins other removable organizing parts. Wash them by hand with soapy hot water and leave to air dry. Then wipe the inside of the refrigerator with one cup of baking soda dissolved in one gallon of hot water. Be sure to clean the gaskets thoroughly.

While doing this, be sure to change the air filter if yours is provided with one. If you can, allow the refrigerator to air out for at least one day to let odors disappear. 

Clean up the coils of your fridge

While you have got your fridge unplugged and passing an update, now it might be a good time to give the evaporator coils a superior cleaning as well. First, move the refrigerator away from the wall, taking care not to damage the plumbing, if there is one.

You will find a web of coils on the back that provide the cooling function for your appliance on an older refrigerator. Modern fridges will have the condenser coils placed at the bottom, either behind a panel from the front or via an access panel from the rear.

Vacuum the coils completely to remove dirt and dust, ensuring not to damage or disrupt any components. If there’s a fan there, vacuum that as well. For stubborn areas, use a soft, narrow paintbrush to remove accumulations. 

Still Stinky?

If you have cleaned everything you can get to in your fridge, and are still experiencing bad scents, place a dozen crumbled charcoal briquettes on a tray in the freezer or refrigerator. Change it daily for a week, until the smell is gone. 

If you’ve tried all these steps and still experiencing trouble with this bad smell from your refrigerator, don’t worry; give us a call at AC Repair Center. We are here to ensure your appliance is fresh and working smoothly again. 

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