With the holidays right on the corner, your oven is likely going to undergo a little more action than usual. Whether it’s an annual batch of Christmas cookies or a homemade meal with your family and loved ones, an ineffective or faulty oven will surely ruin the holiday spirit. If you notice difficulties with burnt edges on your pie, untreated centers, or inconsistent cooking times, this means that your oven is not baking evenly.

Check these common temperature issues to find out why your oven is not baking evenly:

 Unresponsive Heating Element

Most ovens include multiple heating elements. These are noticeable in the oven; if this is the case, it is easy to see if they are heating up when the oven is running. In the case of convection ovens, a faulty fan can also cause uneven heating.

Slow Preheating

Depending on the desired temperature, most ovens take 7-10 minutes to heat up successfully. If you notice that it takes significantly longer, there may be a problem that will also cause the food to cook unevenly (or not at all).

Under-cooked or Unevenly Cooked Food

It appears that every oven has its own structure. You know if yours manages to cook faster or slower than what is suggested in recipes. If you see that this time has changed, it may be a sign of internal problems.

A telltale sign is if the food comes out undercooked or unevenly cooked. Not only does this make your food less delicious, but it can also cause potentially dangerous food poisoning.

Maintaining Temperature

Your oven has an internal thermostat that keeps the required temperature. This instructs the oven when and for how long to heat it. Once the necessary temperature is reached, a well-functioning oven should be able to keep the temperature within a few degrees.

If you notice wild fluctuations during cooking, it is likely that somewhere in the oven, there was a mechanical failure.

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