When you are back home after a long day at work, the last thing you want is that the burners on your stove don’t light up. What to do with dinner? Looks like it’s a reservation again. Last week, you had the feeling that something was wrong, but the burners finally worked, and you had a great meal, and it seemed like there was nothing to worry about. Still, the most common stovetop repairs we encounter in the Greater Austin area are burners that are not heating up properly.

While we do not recommend that you perform repairs yourself, we have provided the following helpful Troubleshooting tips that you can apply.

Electric Stove Burners Are Not Heating

Is it all burners or just one burner is not working? If it is a single burner, it can be either a coil or a joint. Shut down the stove and let the burner to cool before reaching it. Unplug the coils and check it for any blisters, cracks or bubbles. If the coils looks okay visually, swap it with another same size coil. Testing both burners will help to find out whether it’s the connection or the coil. If all burners are now lighting up, this suggests a big electrical problem. A circuit breaker or a fuse may have tripped or blown. It is also possible that the fuse inside the cooktop could have blown. Test the outlet that the stove is connected to. If these simple tips didn’t solve your issue, you will have no choice but to call a good home appliance repair company to fix it.

Gas Stovetop Burners Are Not Heating

Do you have a gas stove that doesn’t light up? When you turn the burner to the lighting position, this directs a signal to the spark modulator, which gives a spark to the burner you want to light. 

Are there any burners that don’t show sparks? Try on these simple test. Press the left burner to the lighting position. Other burners will not light, but they should show a spark. If the burner does not show sparks, the igniter wiring harness is faulty. Another common issue we encounter is when there is no spark and click. Working from left to right, turn on every burner at once. If you approach one that doesn’t click or throw a spark into the burner, the cooktop has a bad spark module. 

The last troubleshooting to consider is when you turn the burner to the lighting position and you clearly see a spark and hear a click, but the burner is still not lit, there is probably a blockage in the burner. Over time, a lot of food is being prepared on your stove. Sometimes food and fat residues clog the gas line, blocking the flow of gas to the igniter. You can remove the burner and clean it yourself.

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