Nothing is more disturbing than a loud refrigerator. When your refrigerator makes strange and loud noises you haven’t heard before, it’s essential for you to take your time and discover the source of the noise. Here at AC Repair Center we provided some causes to help you figure out what’s resulting in the noise and how to solve it. 

Is the noise coming from the bottom, back, or inside the refrigerator?

If you’re hearing a rattling sound that seems to be coming out the bottom, it’s possibly the drain pan. This can easily be solved; just adjust the pan back to its proper place. 

Loud noises coming out the back of the fridge could intimate a problem with the condenser fan, defrost timer, or the compressor. A noisy fridge compressor isn’t uncommon, but if it needs to be replaced, it can be costly.  If you find the condenser fan causing the noise, try cleaning out debris and dust that may have collected between the fan blades applying a soft brush. 

Make sure to unplug your refrigerator before any repair and cleaning! 

A noise coming from within the fridge is probably the fan that circulates air in your unit’s refrigerator sections. You can verify that this is an issue by tapping the light switch in the freezer; if the culprit is a circulation fan, the noise will get louder. The only solution for this is to replace the fan. 

Condenser Fan 

Not all fridges have condenser fans, but if yours have one, it is usually located behind the access panel on the back of your refrigerator. As mentioned above, you’ll have to clean out any debris and dirt that could be preventing the proper work of the condenser motor fan. You also should check the rubber gaskets for any signs of wear. 

Evaporator Fan

Located in the back of your refrigerator’s freezer, the evaporator fan can be reached by removing the freezer’s contents, and the inner panel may have screws or clips that need to be removed for access. You will need a screwdriver to remove screws and see if the blade is operating easily by spinning it. 

Check all components and wires for signs of wear, along with gaskets. If the fan doesn’t rotate freely or there are some signs of corrosion or damage on wires or connectors, it might be essential to replace these parts. 


The compressor noise of the refrigerator is a regularly complaint; however, is some cases, actually the root of the noise is the condenser fan. You can determine what it is by unplugging the motor of the condenser fan, plug-in back the refrigerator, and see if the noise remains. If it’s still there, it could be the compressor. This is a more serious problem that should be diagnosed by a professional.

Many issues could be responsible for fridge noises, some of them can be easily fixed, and some are more complicated. By removing dust, debris, and dirt from the condenser and evaporator, the motor fans make it quieter and smoother in any case. 

If you still struggle with what’s making all the racket, contact AC Repair Center.


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