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Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC

Summer is fast approaching. Now we are moving to warmer weather and longer days. It is very important that your air conditioner is in working order. If you have been using your air conditioner for some time and it does not work at its best, check out our list of signs for diagnostics. They might help decide whether your air conditioner needs some repair or replace the AC unit is the choice.

Warning Signs to Replace the System

While some problems can be resolved with a quick repair, others can be a little complicated and expensive. And there are a few symptoms that it’s time to start thinking about replacing. If you notice any of the symptoms and signs below, chances are you probably need to replace your AC unit

Sign: It is burning through electricity 

With any proper system, this should not happen – and it’s just not worth wasting time paying more bills than you need.

Sign: Its warranty has ended and it has been repaired many times

If your air conditioners have been repeatedly repaired and are long out of its prime, most likely, you need a new model.

So, When Should You Call a Repairman? 

There are quite a few problems that can be easily solved with the help of a qualified air conditioning specialist. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s worth checking to see if it can be fixed.

Sign: It’s blowing hot air

Do not despair – it may well be a broken compressor or a leak of refrigerant. Neither can be fixed, and the repair work may even cost less than you think. So we recommend calling an AC repair technician as soon as you noticed this sign.

Sign: Unusual smells or strange sounds

Changing the sound of the unit may indicate that the fan is not working properly, that some part is loose, or that the internal mechanics are clogged with dirt. When it comes to strange smells, you should act immediately – this can mean mold in the air duct, and it can be malicious to your family.

Sign: Short cycling

If the unit randomly turns off or struggles to get started, it may have a defect. This may bring up much more serious issues if not addressed on time.

Before you decide whether you can still revive your current device or it’s time to let it go and buy a new one, it’s probably worth talking to a specialist. If you have any problems with your AC unit, our dedicated service specialists at AC Repair Center are experts at their job who know your climate control system inside and out.