Is your wine cooler is not cooling or not cold enough? Do your find your wine comes out of the cooler warm for your taste? You cannot find any power issues, the cooler is plugged, and the lights are on. What can be the problem? There are plenty of reasons that cause temperature problems with the wine cooler. 

Compressor Problems

The compressor cools down your wine cooler. If the compressor is not working correctly in the wine cooler, it can cause temperature problems to your wine cooler. Also, if the compressor is not getting enough power, it won’t start properly. In addition, it may overheat, which leads to its malfunction.

Capacitor Problems

The capacitor is what makes the compressor to start. It gives a boost of energy to the compressor, and if it has problems, this may cause problems in the future, causing your appliance not to cool down.

Fan Problems

It is possible that the fans are not working properly. If even one of the fans breaks, it can cause the entire cooler to rise in temperature.

Thermostat Problems

It is also likely that the thermostat is broken. In addition, sensors that tell the thermostat the temperature may not work as they should. They then replace the incorrect information with fans, which then cool the cooler to the wrong temperature. Only a wine cooler repair specialist will be able to determine what the main problem is and fix it. We have experience with these issues. To make an appointment, contact us today.


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