Are you noticing that Your Sub Zero fridge is running warm than usual? Are you starting to see the formation of condensation inside your fridge and are worried whether it is because of the warmer weather that makes your Sub Zero fridge running warm? If any of these is close to you, you might want to look at our quick Sub Zero troubleshooting guide to find why your fridge is getting warmer.

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Sub Zero Temperature Problem And Troubleshooting Guide

There’re some simple and not-so-simple signs that there is a temperature issue in your Sub Zero refrigerator. These troubleshooting tests may help solve the problem. If not, you might need to contact a Sub Zero refrigerator repair technician to avoid further damages. 

Signs that your Sub Zero fridge is running on a warm temperature. 

  • A noticeable increase in temperature inside the fridge 
  • The temperature sensor reports a high temperature
  • The refrigerator won’t hold the required temperature and continues to fluctuate
  • Food spoils before its expiry date

Apparently, it doesn’t take long to understand that your refrigerator is running warm. But before you call a refrigerator repair company, it will be better if you go through simple fixes first.

Problem 1: Dirty Condenser Coils 

Resolution: Condenser coils are located at the bottom of your Sub Zero refrigerator. There are responsible for getting rid of the heat. If these coils get significantly dirty, chances are your refrigerator will work harder to function. If you don’t clear up the coils, your Sub Zero refrigerator slows down its efficiency. Check the condenser coils, looking for any dirt and dust. If you think you can access the condenser coils for cleaning, go for it. First, ensure the refrigerator is unplugged. Then proceed to clean the coils with a warm damp cloth. Keep in mind that condenser coils are fragile, so be careful with cleaning. If you think you can’t handle it, since the weight of Sub Zero refrigerator is hefty, it would be better to leave it to Sub Zero repair professionals to not cause damages to your refrigerator and yourself. 

Problem 2: The Fan Motor in the Condenser

Resolution: The function of your condenser fan is to pull in cold air and spread it through the compressor. Your fridge wouldn’t be able to cool down itself if the condenser fan is not working. Fixing this fan motor can be a little tricky also. To find it is malfunctioning, check the fan for obstructions. Try to move the blade manually. If the fan freely rotates, then you have to replace the condenser fan motor. In this situation calling Sub Zero refrigerator repair specialist is the only option. 

Problem 3: Temperature Control Thermostat 

Resolution: Each Sub Zero refrigerator gets the latest temperature control thermostat. When this thermostat stops working, the rest of the fridge will operate improperly. The thermostat is responsible for controlling what voltage is distributed to the compressor, the condenser fan motor, and the evaporator fan motor. Without this, the rest of the refrigerator would not get the correct information to signal them to turn on. To check if the thermostat is faulty, turn your thermostat from the coldest setting to the warmest setting. You should hear something click on, and the fans should turn on. If nothing can be heard, it is time to have professionals come and take a look at your fridge. 

Problem 4: Defective Start Relay

Resolution:  Your start relay is what helps initiate the compressor to turn on. This is an incredibly important role because the refrigerator relies on the compressor to cool all the working parts and keep it running smoothly. You’ll have to use a multimeter to validate if it is faulty. Not everyone has a multimeter in their home, but if you have, use if to test for continuity between the run and start terminal sockets. If you notice any differences or the relay has a burnt odor, it needs to be replaced. 

Again, it is best to contact a professional refrigerator repair company.

Problem 5: Compressor Isn’t Working 

Solution: Your refrigerator’s compressor is essential. If your compressor is malfunctioning, your fridge won’t cool anything and stop working completely. Thankfully, with Sub Zero refrigerators, it is infrequent. Before you go and pay to have the compressor replaced, make sure that other issues are not involved from our list above. If you do determine that the compressor is defective, call a trusted Sub Zero technician

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