When your ice machine breaks, whether it is built-in to your refrigerator or a standalone appliance, it might be better to call the service technicians to diagnose and handle that problem with your ice machine. 

Here are some methods that you or an appliance repair technician can diagnose a faulty ice machine.

Reset The Ice Maker

Just like any tablet or smartphone, ice makers have the functionality to hard reset of its electronic components. The actual process varies and depends on the manufacturer, but the process is simple, like turning off the ice maker and disconnect it for 5 minutes. There should be a key that you can press for a while before it resets. Your ice maker’s manual or a qualified appliance repair technician can instruct you on how to complete this reset process.

Look For The Error Codes

If your fridge has a built-in display, it might display the error code for the ice maker. Look for that code online with the ice maker’s model information and find out what is wrong with your ice maker. But keep in mind that different model has a different meaning of the codes. Just make sure that you have the right model information.

Defrosting The Ice Maker

Over time, slight temperature fluctuation in your fridge can cause the ice to melt, stick together, and cause ice to stagnate. This occurs if you left the doors open for too long or during the ice maker’s regular use. Defrosting a freezer can help remove the ice jaws. This can allow you to clean the ice maker and start with a clean and fresh fridge.

Check Your Ice Maker’s Feeler Bar

Your ice maker has a feeler that helps it determine when your ice bucket is full, and it will stop making ice. It this feeler bar is stuck; it cannot determine whether making ice or not. This is easy to fix, as you can simply pull it down to release the bar and restart the ice-making process.

Water Line Issues

To make ice, the ice machine needs a steady supply of water. If your ice maker is making hollow ice cubes or isn’t making ice at all, there might be a problem with its waterline. It means that something in the water line is clogged or something impacting its flow.

Hire an Appliance Repair Technicians

The simplest and secure way to diagnose a faulty ice machine is to find professional help to look at it. Depending on what is wrong with the ice maker, your ice maker can be repaired on the same day as the appointment. If some parts are needed to order, you may wait a day to use your ice machine. 

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